Greetings friends,

We were excited to announce next year’s art theme earlier this evening at Local 16!! And we wanted to make sure everyone in our community knows what it is, whether they were able to make it or not.

What IS a haven?
A haven is safety and comfort. It is a sanctuary. It welcomes and nurtures our needs, from the most basic to the most complex. Access to a haven is a human right. Being able to create or find a haven of one’s own is a human necessity.

What is YOUR haven?
As you prepare to participate in Catharsis next May, we ask you to think about what a haven is to you. The image above is a blank slate. So we invite you to share with us what does your haven look and feel like? Is it something of your past, present, or future? How can you help create a haven for yourself and others?

Let Catharsis be a sandbox to play with us and express your vision. If you have never experienced a haven, now is your chance. We work to provide a welcoming, educational, transformative, and ultimately enjoyable space for all artists and participants. We also understand that art can be uncomfortable. Art can come from our greatest joys and our most deeply rooted traumas.

We hope this turns your creative gears. Stay tuned for an art grant application announcement! This is your haven, too, and we can’t do this without your vision.

– Your Catharsis 2020 Trunk

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