Thanks for your help so far!

And Catharsis on the Mall needs you now more than ever…

We only have ONE DAY left to get 47 more RSVPs, or else our event will be cancelled. We’re too close to let this screening fail! We can do it if you spread the word!

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Cracked Up Tickets
Here’s what you can do right now:

  1. Buy a few more tickets! Give the extras to your friends and family.
  2. Share the event link above on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and ask your friends, family, and followers to reserve their tickets now! Tag @TuggInc.
  3. Tell everyone you know about this experience!
  4. Find 5 friends to pledge to sell 5 tickets each.
  5. Do you belong to any organizations or clubs? Tell the members about the screening! Post on reddit, Facebook groups, local event calendars, and meetup pages.

And thank you, in advance, for any additional support you can provide in making this event happen!

Your 2020 Trunk

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