Here’s the impact your contribution can make.

Madison experienced Catharsis and that experience impacted her life.

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You can help make more of this happen in 2020. Consider making a tax deductible contribution in any amount to support the planning and execution of the 2020 Catharsis on the Mall. Every contribution you make ensures that our team of volunteers can do the critical work needed for our 2020 Catharsis event.

And in this particular case, funds raised will be applied directly to our art grant program, so the more people give the more we can give like we did in 2019, the first year of out art grant program which supported a couple dozen artist and theme camps! Because Art is the Heart of Catharsis on the Mall.

With the 2019 art grants, we were able to support artists who created work like Abrazo de Pachamama, Mothership-O, & anima:Tua; and theme camps like Extinction Rebellion – Tell the Truth, The Art Rising x Rhizome Art Activism Camp, & Dia de los Muertos – “Land of the Remembered”. Thanks in advance for your generous financial contribution!

Can’t give a monetary donation right now? Here’s how you can help. You can “Do a Madison” and tell us what Catharsis on the Mall means to you. We want to hear from you and share your story because we believe that more people know need to know about the impact of this transformative annual event

And the more people know, the better able we will be to achieve our mission to creating an accessible space for healing, social and cultural innovation, release, relief, growth, and transformation – for free – to the heart of America. Simply make a recording and share it with us at and be sure to share it in your social media spaces.

Thank you for all you do.

– The Catharsis Trunk

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