Big News!

Our Theme Camp, Art and Grant Applications for our 2020 Vigil are now open! Deadlines for these applications is February 1.

We are also accepting applications for ceremonial fire projects for our 2020 Vigil. Whether a Temple, Effigy, lit Flow Arts, Propane Art, or other ceremonial practice involving the use of living flame, this application is for our community members to participate even more in the process. Deadline for fire applications is February 10.

Finally, we’re accepting applications for any events at Catharsis 2020 that need placement at a theme camp. If you want to bring your workshop, performance, music, discussion, or other event to Catharsis and aren’t yet connected with a theme camp to host it, we invite you to submit here and we’ll do our best to connect you. Deadline for unplaced event applications is March 15.

Adding to the excitement – here are Handbooks for each application. An in depth overview of how to make your gift to the Catharsis a success. There are timelines, key deliverables, and other considerations for you and your camp or art piece as you go through this process.

We look forward to your applications, whether they’re inspired by our mission to create accessible spaces for healing, our 2020 theme “A Vision of Haven” or some combination of the two! Read More About “A Vision of Haven” .

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