The Above Featured Image is of “Art as Activism” from the Rhizome Collective

Last year we awarded 25 Grantees a total of about $19,000 with the inaugural year of our grant program. Our grantee pool was comprised 9 Art Projects, 4 Events/Workshops/Etc and 12 Theme Camps.

This year we iterated and added a review panel made up of community members which were not on the Catharsis Trunk, to review and make recommendations for funding. This group spent about 5 hours discussing 48 applications. They then recommended funding 42 of them which the Catharsis Trunk then reviewed and approved.

So for 2020, we are thrilled to double down on our commitment to supporting artists, creative collectives, and theme camps with 39 grantees being supported by the 2nd year of our Grant Program. We are thrilled to have:

  • 11 individuals and 28 groups/collectives/theme camps
  • 19 new concepts and 20 existing projects
  • 35 DMV area grantees and 4 from out of the area

We’ll share more about each grantee over the coming months, but for now, here they are!

The 2020 Catharsis Grantees

Abracadabra Trip – NY
An AfroSound Experience – WAVES – DC
Art 4 the Sole – DC
Art as Activism Theme Camp – Rhizome Creative – DC/MD/NYC/PA
Beacon of Valhalla – Hearts Collective – DC
Boundless Visions – element | New Horizons – DC
Bus Life In Nomadic Times – John D’Ausilio – DC
Camp Tatami – DC
Day of the Dead Community Altar – Dia de los Muertos – VA
Dia de los Muertos – MD
“El Zócalo” Plaza – Dia de los Muertos – MD
The Elf Quarters – Lindsay Eckenrode – MD
Ethereal District – DC
Fly By Light Performances – One Common Unity – DC
Freedom Fish – Carole Alden – UT
Hurt Locker – Obscurity – DC
Makers Camp – MD
Matter Box – Maps Glover – DC
Meso Creso Theme Camp – DC
Mithraeum – Decrim Nature – DC
Mother Earthship Bus Stage / Parade Float – Freaker Army – CA
Nighttime Oasis – Katrina Alexander – MD
Our 8th Ocean, Bio-remediation Orbs – Betty T. Kao – MD
PartySafer – DC/MD
PLF/Sunset & Chill – DC/VA
Programming – Dia de los Muertos – MD
Projection – Robin Bell – DC
ReGenesis – DC
Ripples of Kindness – Alyssa Eisenstein – DC
Rock,Paper,Scissors – Sisi Reid – MD
Single Mothers Healing Circle – Sasha Baskina – DC
Sound and Fire – PLF and Sunset & Chill – DC/VA
Soundscape – Obscurity – DC
The Sphinx’s Balance – Natural Born Healers – DC
Swap n Gather – SwapDC – DC
The Temple of Nectar – Sunflower Collective – DC
True Reflection Mirrors – John Walter – NY
WISH – Dave Nall – MD
Wubulance Aerial Nest – Balance in the Backyard – VA

The Elf Quarters – Lindsay Eckenrode
Matter Box – Maps Glover
Ripples of Kindness – Alyssa Eisenstein

Full project descriptions with images and links will be available over the next two months.

In the meantime, if you’d like to help us fully fund and support their participation in this year’s Catharsis, please consider making a donation to our Spring Fundraising Campaign!!

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