Ursalee, lauren earth goddess and Joshua jam on poetry, stories, and freestyle harp and words of connection – with each other, with our ancestors, our community, the spiral of time and the earth and heavenly bodies. Also some words of encouragement and love, what we are feeling and ways we can all be looking out for each other and contributing in these difficult times.

Thanks for patience with the audio, raw recording of our first go 🙂 Let us know what you think, whether we should do more of these and other resources or topics to include!

(1) “A Gathering of the Tribe” by Charles Eisenstein*

(2) [muse] time for the moon

(3) A freestyle musing

Resources / Get Involved Links:

DC Neighborhood Pods How-To [espanol abajo] – How to set up a neighborhood support pod including flyers and text for creating a phone tree with your immediate neighbors.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Resource Toolkit (DC focus)

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Baltimore

GoFundMe for MD/DC Artists and Freelancers [Request Support]

Black Lives Matter DC Rapid Response Fund and Supply Drop-off

DC Ward 7 & 8 Mutual Aid Network Hotline

DMV Restaurant Workers Relief Fund (GoFundMe)

USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP)

NEST Virtual Check-in Group Signup

How to Entertain Toddlers During School Closure

*Joshua Note: In the audio I chose to transcribe “tribe” as “community” and “shaman” as “elder”, as well as using more nonbinary gender language. I did this as I suspect this language might have been jarring for some listeners. Charles’s original language can be found at the link.

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