Save the date

Hey Catharsis family. Hope y’all are holding up okay. We just wanted to let you know to mark your calendar for the weekend of November 6 to 8. In all candor, this event is not going to look like what it would’ve looked like in May, as you can imagine.

We barely know what the next week will look like, much less the months following, and we imagine many of you, our participants and artists, our theme camps and collectives, are in similar situations.

But we do have a date confirmed with the National Park Service. And so we wanted to keep you as informed as possible, while being sensitive that there are other things  and priorities that probably warrant your time and attention and energy in this moment.

Going Virtual in May

We are tentatively scheduling a 12 hour virtual event from 1 pm EST/10 am PST to 1 am EST/10 pm PST on Saturday, May 2. And we want to know if you’re interested and available. We’ve got one hour blocks we’re looking for folx to be able to fill with programming:

  • 2pm EST/11am PST
  • 4pm EST/1pm PST
  • 6pm EST/ 3pm PST
  • 7pm EST/4pm PST
  • 9pm EST/6pm PST and
  • 11pm EST/8pm PST

If interested and available, let us know as well as take the Doodle poll below to let us know when you’d be available:

We’re also planning an open-mic’ish hour at 5pm for folx to fill 5 minute slots. Likewise, reply and let us know if you’re interested and available.

Whether for a 1 hour-slot or a 5-minute one during the open-mic spot, please reply by 6pm on Friday, April 10. And we’ll contact you the following week to confirm whether you were programmed or not.


For anyone who might find them useful:

And here’s a list which Trunk Member Ary Mondragon helped to compile:

Connecting Sound

Ursalee, lauren earth goddess and Joshua jam on poetry, stories, and freestyle harp and words of connection – with each other, with our ancestors, our community, the spiral of time and the earth and heavenly bodies. Also some words of encouragement and love, what we are feeling and ways we can all be looking out for each other and contributing in these difficult times. Take a listen. And for those who are hard of hearing or deaf, transcripts coming within the week.

What is something that’s brought you joy

This was a prompt that we had to kick off this week’s Trunk meeting. And…the responses were delightful. So we thought we’d ask you:

What is something, a person, place, thing, happening, etc, that has brought you joy in the past week?

If you feel like sharing, share any way you’d like to, and tag our Instagram and/or Twitter:

Use the hashtag #CatharsisJoy if you do. And if you’re on Facebook, consider sharing in our Group:

If you want to share something that we can even post ourselves, just reply to this email, let us know any relevant crediting of art, music, photos, or even if you’d be interested in writing a guest blog post for us!

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