1 pm

Catharsis on the Mall Opening Ceremony

Sparking hope within your haven through lighting a candle together with the community to begin our CoTM: A Temporal Haven 12 hour event. This non-denominational ceremony is inclusive to all.

2 pm

Crisis in a Crisis: Duterte’s Philippine Drug War and COVID Response with StoptheDrugWar.org

Interactive discussion of pressing human rights issues under the authoritarian-minded Pres. Duerte of the Philippines. David Borden, StoptheDrugWar.org (DC), Justine Balane, Akbayan Youth (PH).

Self-Cuddle Workshop with Victoria Vixen and Camp Tatami

This mindful cuddling and self-love meditation will guide you to be tender and affectionate toward yourself. Bring a pillow/stuffed animal to hug, and wash your hands (we’ll be caressing our faces).

3 pm

Catharsis on the Mall Signal Boost Hour

Join Catharsis on the Mall in dialog with individuals supporting particularly affected communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Each speaker will have about a half hour, including time for Q&A.

4 pm

A Conduct & Consent Kiki with Nexus
This event is meant to be a time to have candid conversations and exchanges about consent and conduct, and what that means and looks like during these times of physical distancing.

The Creative Dance Hour with Challys & DJ mTp
A Twitch Dance Party hosted by DJ mTp & Challys. Challys will be getting creative with color on her sidewalk as DJ mTp gets creative with the music, so you @ home can get creative on your dance floor!

metta black

Regenerative Lifestyles @ Makers Camp, Top 9 Tips, Let’s Start Now! with Mettā Creative, The REED Center and Friends
Attune to the frequency of nature. We will begin with body & mind, then dive into practical ways to cultivate a regenerative lifestyle anywhere, ending with an open space for gratitude and love. 🌱♾💚

5 pm


Open Mic…who knows what this hour will bring us!

6 pm


#VamosPaisano with @AcostaCanta Latin’s Concert
It is a special concert intended to present the rich Latin American musical culture as a way to integrate nations through music. It presents a diversity of musical genres and Latin rhythms.

Burner Match Game! with Mischief DC
Showbiz Ed will be hosting the classic game show Match Game with a burner twist! They say laughter is the best medicine, so come have a few laughs with Mischief DC and friends.

Connection Games for Fun & Intimacy with Sarah Taub & Indigo Dawn, Center for a New Culture (Registration Required)
Play virtual connection games designed for emotional intimacy, heartful play, and high-level fun! Make friends, deepen existing connections, and learn skills to enrich your life and relationships.

Ecstatic Gathering Online with Ecstatic Dance DC (Registration Required)* [3 hr program]

Ecstatic Dance DC is offering an online gathering streamed direct to your home!

Hurt Locker with @nicolegarder @mapsglover @sednahhh (Elise Dorsey) @shavaun.x.x

Hurt Locker is a collaborative digital archive of the year 2020 created during one of the initial peaks of COVID-19 in the US as a way to document the shared experience of a rapid changing & unpredictable society.

Our Stories, Our Lineages, and Our Directions with Decriminalize Nature DC [2hr program]

Melissa Lavasani, Proposer of Initiative 81, extends a kind invitation to all who wish to join her for three healing-centered presentations on DecrimNatureDC’s stories, lineages, and directions.

Renegade Gospel Solo Sessions with Renegade Gospel/The Playa Choir
Live music, wise words and humor from members of The Playa Choir and Renegade Gospel. Directed by Madi, The Playa Choir Director

The sphinx’s balance with Natural Born Healers
Nature as a refuge and connection to our inner selves reminded of nature as a vital force and root of all, in which we are all connected providing our safe space (haven).

7 pm

DJ Shango

A Journey with DJ Shango
Dance, Release & Unwind w DJ Shango as he takes on a journey through Global Music with DJ Shango.

Obscurity Hour with Obscurity Soundsystem
Live DJ set exploring the diversity of the diasporic electronic soundscape.

8 pm

Community Dinner
Join us for whatever phase of dinner you may be in at that time, from cooking to dessert. We’ll be hosting an anchor dinner with breakout rooms, as community members host their own.

9 pm

Debbie Crankin

Real-time audiovisual set for Catharsis: A Temporal Haven

Jamz and Jokes with Jessica Lawson
Join Trunk member Jessica Lawson for some house, funk, and groovy jamz sprinkled with a side of jokes!

Trever Pearson Live DJ Set
Deep, groovy, sexy, bass-y tech, afro and melodic house. Get ready to get your groove on.

10 pm

Community News Hour
As we wind down our time together, join us updates and highlights from the Catharsis on the Mall family. We’ll be talking to people live as well as sharing photos and videos.

11 pm

Sunset & Chill*
Local fire spinners performing to live DJs


Beacon of Hope Burn – Closing Ceremony
After a day of cathartic healing, we will collectively release through the burning of a grandfather clock enshrouded with flowers having held candlelight since the opening, our central Beacon of Hope.

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