We are so thrilled to share with you the folx that have self-nominated so far. We have extended our self-nomination period until 3pm on Sunday, June 7. Raking will close three days later, at 3pm on June 9.

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While you can certainly rank them now, we’ll also be asking for a final ranking of the nominees we have as of this Sunday. And just a friendly reminder that our public vote and ranking is just one of several factors we take into consideration.

Belinda (they/them)

I’m currently working as an elementary school reading tutor in the DC. I’m a yarn work artist and I paint as a hobby. My journey in life as of late has been about promoting wellness in myself and the communities I’m connected to through counseling and self-expression, as well as activism. I read up on Catharsis and Burning Man, and I really appreciate what the organizations stand for. My strongest skills are building relationships with communities and connecting people to resources they may want or need through diligent research. I would be more than happy to use those skills to contribute to the Trunk.

Daniel (he/him)

I want to volunteer on the Trunk because I believe Catharsis is amazing and I want to be able to give back to the community which has given me a lot. I’ve volunteered the last couple of years both at the event and was on the Health and Safety working group this last year. I have experience working as a Budget Analyst, volunteering at Catharsis, and also volunteer with the National Park Service on the mall in my spare time and have a good relationship with the NPS Rangers. I’d love to bring all of that to the table and help out in whatever capacity I can.

Devon (she/her)

It’s 2020 and the world is weird, a lot has changed, and a lot is being confronted (on the streets, right now, as I type) across the country and the world. The amount of trauma that is newly forming on top of that already woven into the fabric of this country will need many spaces for processing and healing. As someone who builds communities and supports individuals, I would like to contribute my time, my skills, and my heart to Catharsis on the Mall as it provides an incredibly valuable healing space for so many. From photographing CotM casually over the years and being in and out of the DC burner scene for over a decade, I have seen the work done at Catharsis but have not been in a place to offer significant time or energy to assist. Now that I am a bit more stably rooted in the area, I am looking to give back to the communities I have received so much from. Catharsis feels like the right place to start.

Dori (she/her)

Simply put, I love Catharsis on the Mall! It’s one of my favorite events in DC, and I’ve attended every vigil since I moved here a few years ago. I still remember the first time I attended, and how much joy I felt at seeing such a beautiful event right in the heart of DC. I never expected to see anything like that here! I think it’s one of the things that made me really fall in love with my new home city. I’ve loved watching Catharsis grow and blossom even more with each passing year. I would like to join the Trunk so that I can contribute to this event that I enjoy so much, and give back to the community that has truly given me a home here in DC. I was looking forward to getting more involved this year by working with the legal and permitting team and producing a theme camp, but was unable to do so due to the coronavirus. I’m excited to participate in the next Catharsis and help the vision come to life again.

Eli (they/them)

I believe that helping Catharsis happen in 2021 is among the most important work I can do in the near future. My soul has been so nurtured by this community since I became involved with a similar event in 2014, and having this wander-in-able space for art and creativity in a city such as DC is true magic. I’ve lead the production of FIGMENT Baltimore for the past 4 years with varying degrees of success, and would love to share what I’ve learned to help Catharsis – and I’m excited to work and learn with other trunk members about organizing this event! I’m currently working to build an intentional community in the DMV area and helping the Baltimore Free Farm and other communities when I can. I’ve only ever been to one Catharsis, but I’ve been aware and appreciative of it’s existence for some time <3

Madison (she/her)

Ever since my initial exposure to Catharsis on the Mall, I’ve wanted to contribute more. I remember spending a couple of days helping to unload trucks and store materials back at the warehouse after attending my first Catharsis. Then when an opportunity came up to help with the organization of the next year’s event, again, I jumped on the opportunity. I think for me, involvement is my way of expressing love and appreciation. This year, I am honored to be considered for serving as a member of the trunk. I’m new to this but not to innovative though or to organizing. A lifelong entrepreneur, freethinker and problem-solver I get great joy from tackling challenges and working with and learning from others who are collectively engaged in a shared goal. My specific skillsets involve expertise in media, content creation and communications, organizing, volunteer coordination and management, innovative thinking, and loads of energy.

Rae (she/her)

I have been involved with Catharsis on the Mall for several years, most notably by bringing the DanceSafe booth. I am the Chapter Head of DC DanceSafe, a public health nonprofit that promotes health and safety in the electronic and nightlife community through popular peer-based drug education. I am an avid harm reductionist and drug policy reformer who is passionate about effective drug education, accessible harm reduction services, and racial and social justice. As a community organizer, I work closely with event promoters and activist organizations to provide safe spaces for dialogue about controversial topics such as substance use and dismantling oppressive structures. In 2019, I had the pleasure of curating the DanceSafe PartySafer stage, which sparked my desire to work more closely with the event.

Tara (she/her)

Been living vicariously following Burning Man and Catharsis on the Mall both through friends who attend, social media, reading, and all. Weeks before the world tipped even further come mid-March 2020 and continues to I had on my list to find more, committing to community, growth, wellness, and offering my experience to better — set for April 1st to get more involved and re-join through community commitments, pro bono events. As a professional event planner, DMV local, small business owner, mother, and so much more I would be thrilled to grow personally through involvement with Catharsis on the Mall and offering my professional experience of event planning. Bringing me full circle to Catharsis 2021 Trunk Nominations, I would be honored to assist and be a part of such an amazing organization.

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