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Art 2016

The Temple of Rebirth
“The Temple of Rebirth” Early Sketch by Michael Verdon



Abraxas at Burning Man festival – 8/30/2016 – Photo by Karl Baba


The Anti-War Machine

The Anti-War Machine at Burning Man – 8/30/2016 – Photo by Karl Baba


“Sisters of Liberty” by Natalie White
The Immersive Igloo by Tom Mon

The Immersive Igloo is a space dedicated to providing a peaceful and comfortable sonic sanctuary that will allow you to explore both the inner space of your consciousness and well as the outer space of the universe. At it’s heart, The Immersive Igloo is a haven for absorbing a variety of healing sound sculptures created within a circle of 8 independent speakers. The space itself is an immense, inflatable, illuminated igloo where voyagers will be seated or lying down in the center and encouraged to stay of as long as they like.


Destino by Paris Bustillos

Destino will stack 3 Museum quality CRT monitors vertically on top of each other to create one long image video loop. The video will feature people coming home from long flights at different airports and feature people embracing the loved ones that are picking them up. Destino pulls together the pain we all experience as we are separated from people in our lives. It’s a kind of shrine to the moment we are reunited with our loved ones.


True Mirror Experience

A chance to look at yourself, eye to eye, in a mirror that reflects accurately, without reversing left and right. We discovered that eyes and faces work properly to communicate ourselves to ourselves. A stunning and evolutionary step in self-healing, occurring naturally simply from the clarity of seeing our true nature for the first time.


A Letter For You

A Letter For You Project collects anonymous handwritten letters for survivors of trauma so that they can be made available to the public/online anonymously as a form of healing and empowerment. The letters are to survivors and not necessarily from them and are artistic, intimate and thoughtful in nature. They have this magic that helps people heal, contribute and be contributed to through the availability of blank cards for the public to be a part of A LETTER FOR YOU.

FestivalDMT Community Sound System 1.0
By KJ (Fix-iT) and Gio

A hand built gift of sound for the community.
F-DMT was designed to provide event planners with access to a great sounding speaker system when needed. This system is built with the best quality component to reproduce excellent sound for small to medium sized indoor and outdoor venues. The “DMT” in the name stands for Direct Matched Transmission. This means that every woofer and waveguide is aligned for a balanced projection of sound that can be directed where it’s needed most. Add some cherry wood, MDF, 4,000W amplifiers, and some waterproof paint and we got a system that is sure to keep your audience dancing. The F-DMT system is available for charities, fundraisers, and art exhibits in the Washington, DC area.

Be the World You Want

“Be the World You Want” is an interactive performance art piece exploring the way we treat each other versus the way we should treat each other, especially the way we treat survivors of trauma and other suffering people.


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