The Rainbow Portal by Natalie de Leon (Ethos), Emma Hary and Marty Kenney

The Rainbow Portal is the reincarnation of the pride billboards from 2017 Burning Man and is a statement on aligning with trans and LGBTQ individuals.  A memorial entitled Black Trans Lives Matters is among the billboard topics. Arranged in semi circle in the center will be a 6 foot statue of Lord Shiva Nataraja made from paper mache by artist Emma Hary.  

The Pride Boards were created to bring awareness of our gender and sexual expressions and how they have been repressed and oppressed by society and cultural norms. If we understand humans to be diverse and fluid, our gender expression should also be fluid and forever adapting as we live our lives day-to-day.

​The Rainbow Portal will be serving as an interactive art piece and also space for the Gender Dialogue. We want to create organic dialogue amongst participants by giving experiential learning and storytelling from the facilitator about their lives and how gender has affected their relationships with others and relationships with themselves.

The Immersive Igloo by Tom Montagliano

The Immersive Igloo is a fully immersive, mobile, sound art installation housed within a 40 foot glowing inflatable igloo. Inside, there are 8 speakers which create a wondrous array of psychedelic, ambient electronic soundscapes crafted to create a comfortable, relaxing and warm environment.
3D scan of the Immersive Igloo:

Sacred Water Pyramid by Future Clear

The Summer of 2017, Future Clear mobilized the Pyramid. The structure was set up at various public parks and gardens across the country. Our focus was to create a collective inclusive space to raise awareness of our surroundings, community and consciousness. We hosted free events to engage the local community through yoga, movement workshops, aerial arts, live music & dinners. After stops in cities around the country, Brooklyn, Detroit, Mount Shasta, and the Oregon Eclipse Festival, the Future Clear crew will mobilize the pyramid as a space to honor the sacred water at Catharsis on the Mall.

SolarBeatz (presented by Burners Without Borders)
SolarBeatz is the ultimate exhibition of clean energy. This mobile soundstage/performance venue is a unique, thought provoking, inspirational and educational catalyst used at festivals, community events, private parties and schools to promote environmental sustainability. A modified delivery truck equipped with advanced solar, sound and lighting technology, this “mobile spectacle” stimulates audiences and demonstrates the possibilities of clean energy by fueling an array of electronics to create an outrageous audio visual experience all powered by the sun.
SolarBeatz immediately converts the Sun’s powerful rays into an Earth friendly party or stores the clean renewable energy in a battery bank for use after dark. SOLARBEATZ is used to provide clean energy at events of all kind, to power live bands, DJ performances, dance parties, movie screenings, sustainability presentations; the possibilities are up to you.

Paradise Lies at the Feet of the Mother by Farrah Abubaker
Paradise Lies at the Feet of the Mother brings to life an installation of my soul. Incorporating audio recorded from my handmade steel tongue-drums, paintings, and knitting activated by black-lights, my objective is to create an immersive space for the viewer to connect with. The periodic change in the lights represents the rhythm of the change in my life. I want you to feel that you have stepped inside my soul, and leave feeling like you have an understanding of how I cope and understand the world around me. See short video here.

True Mirror Experience by John Walter
True Mirror Experience – a 30 foot wall of True Mirrors that reflect people as they are, without reversing left and right. Within the new reflection is a doorway to the true self, full of light and life. “Healing can occur because seeing is believing; our true nature is a beautiful thing.”

Sacred Activism by Carla Argueta & Erik Martinez Resly (The Sanctuaries)
Sacred Activism unveils the diverse practices and traditions that empower grassroots activists to risk their lives for justice in Washington, DC. Each image is an enlarged screenprint of a handdrawn portrait depicting a local activist with the sacred object, or in the sacred pose, that sustains their spirit. The accompanying phrases are sacred mantras that guide their everyday fight for a more beautiful and just world. The selection of activists portrayed is by no means exhaustive, but rather illustrative of the diversity in backgrounds, issues, and strategies present in this city. We bow in gratitude and solidarity.

The Nest Project by Debbie Baxter
The Nest Project is an artist and mother’s response to the ever growing pain, injustice, devastation, and wounding of our culture. It is an expression of returning to home, safety, and to our innocence. The Projects gives people an transformative experience by stripping it all down, hopping in The Nest, and proving that we’ve all come from the same place. Learn more

Shadow Space Interactive by LeeAnn King
Carl Jung coined the term Shadow Self to describe the parts of the unconscious mind that stem from suppressed emotions and personal characteristics, while hosting the seed of creativity. To dance with your shadow means to identify the darker parts of yourself, dissect them to understand them, then use them to empower your thinking, decisions, actions and to inspire the world around you. The Shadow Space Interactive brings your shadow to light so you can learn to flow with the darkness, embracing your wholeness with dance.~

HEART by Paul Widerman
This experience is open to everyone of any age or fitness level. Join the HEART Team where you’ll learn a core routine of solo movements to ground yourself and connect within. Then, experiment with partner work, and experience the joy of moving as one totally connected in our signature group circles.

HEART is a groundbreaking innovative tool that allows anyone to benefit from sophisticated movement patterns seen in yoga, tai chi, and functional training. It is effortless, easy and FUN!! AND, you LITERALLY connect through your HEART to other people — A space to unplug and connect with other humans. Join us! HEART® was invented and designed by long time citizen of Black Rock City, Paul Widerman. Learn more at: www.HeartMoves.Love

You Are Here, Let Me Hear You by Chloe Bensahel
“You Are Here, Let Me Hear You” gives parties that often feel unheard a chance to claim their voice. Participants can walk up to a booth and speak into a microphone about how they feel about “foreigners.” A list of possible questions/ prompts will be up, such as “where are you from? How do you feel about where you’re from? What is it like to be foreign in the USA? What do you want to say about it? What do you need right now?”

Letters to Our Daughters by Georgia Saxelby
“Letters to Our Daughters” is an interactive installation that invites guests to write a letter to their daughter – real or imagined – from the perspective of how they hope their daughters will be experiencing the world twenty years into the future. These letters are displayed on the perimeter of the installation in open envelops for other visitors to read, and will collected for display in a gallery with the artist’s larger body of work on feminine identity in Washington DC (part of a fellowship with Halycon Arts Lab).

The piece explore the significance of ritual actions in revealing a culture’s collective values, anxieties and hopes for the future. It is a reflection on how symbolic actions communicate cultural knowledge and skills to future generations and will focus on the theme of feminine identity and ways that we are emboldening girls and young women. Learn more about Georgia at

Hanging Balls by Ursula Sadiq
A 8′ cube of hanging shiny silver balls lit in blue. Simple, joyful, engaging.

Da Wa Da by Brian Green
“Da Wa Da” is an Afrocentric tribute Sculpture to the earth’s meridian. It’s a dancing giant (literally, it dances) symbolic of the focal point of earth. With the entity embodying my large metal sculpture we can all tell our story of what we would do as the focal point of the earth.

Sonowaves by Natalie de Leon (Ethos)
Find Sonowaves at the DC Stage!

King of Pain by Fej Sackat
“King of Pain” is a life size sculpture of a skeleton holding its own heart in a 1920’s wheelchair covered in imagery of guns, weapons and barbed wire. The sculpture symbolizes the endless circle of violence perpetuated by our weapons lenient & weapon idolizing culture.

Graphic Sex Project by Jennifer Beman & Bardia Saeedi
The Graphic Sex Project is an interactive installation where people make graphs of a positive sexual encounter using 1 cm colored cubes.. Looking at other people’s graphs brings an awareness of the beautiful, abundant diversity of the human sexual experience, leading to an acceptance of each our own weird and wonderful way of experiencing sex. The graphs lead to conversations, adding words and visual aids to sometimes fraught topics.

Created Equal by Branden Hall
We think of Americans as “created equal”, but that certainly does not mean we all live the same kind of lives. Much of how our lives go is outside of our control, yet there’s still beauty in chaos. That’s what Created Equal is all about. Created Equal is an interactive, kinetic LED sculpture that allows participants to experience how tiny changes can have huge effects. The sculpture is a wooden triple pendulum that participants start swinging using their own strength that has LEDs on the bottom-most arm. The motion of the piece is unique every time. Video

Letters For You by Cyd Igot
We are a letter writing project focused in healing, empowerment, community, love, connection and gathering proof that survivors matter to all of us. We want to have a physical display of letters we have collected and a table where people can write letters like we did last year. It is all centered around nurturing hearts which is the theme this year. The letters have power to heal the writer and the anonymous reader/survivor.

Magic Pop-Up Theater by Umair Ahsan

Reflection: The Stars That Change Who Are Ourselves by Connor Scalzi
A portable infinity room, inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusama & her recent show at the Hirshhorn Museum in DC. “Reflection” is an 8 foot cube lined with sparkling solar powered lights, and 10 individual LEDs hang from the ceiling inside slowly changing color to create an infinite rainbow starscape.

Searching for Eon
by Miriam Sutton
Using reclaimed paper from my everyday life, I make installations of 1,000 origami cranes in tribute to a friend of mine who died the day 45 was elected from a tumor on their brain stem. Ian was the first person to challenge me to celebrate diversity and community, but themselves were denied healthcare because of their gender identity. My installations include a participatory aspect where I teach others how to fold a crane and tell them Ian’s story.

Hobo Symbols and Silver Bowls by RachelRamone Donlan
The paintings are about the relationship of a woman with her child when they are suffering abuse and trauma. Polishing stained bowls is something that woman have done together forever. The polishing of bowls is like a relationship of woman as friends. Tarnish represents neglect of the relationship. Polishing represents the care and love required to nurture relationships between the hearts of women. You get what you give in any relationship. Proper care and nurturing of the hearts of those in the relationship might leave you with something ‘shiny’ and for you to be proud of in the end or neglect can leave you with a nasty mess -just like the bowls- so also the hearts of friends. Together these pieces represent relationships in the woman’s life that’s not romantic.

The Donald Dance Floor by Nikolas Schiller
It might be cathartic to dance on his face.

Charm City Creative Cleanup by Steph Comp
A 30 inch globe that is made out of over 12,000 cigarette butts picked up off the streets of Baltimore. Funded with a “Walk the Talk” Civic art grant from Burning Man this year to make it. The vision is to bring awareness to our littered streets and the effect it has on our Earth. The 5 gyres are represented on the globe with 5 swirl patterns. These gyres have formed huge plastic islands; cigarette butts are the number one piece of litter in the world and also made of plastic.

Sister Sharon’s Altars by Sister Sharon Roach
Helping people build sacred space through our unique one of a kind, handmade altars. The altars promote prayer, meditation and spiritual wellbeing. I have a diverse group of altars, something for everyone.

#Microaggressions: An Anthology of Personal Experiences Posted on Social Media by Wendy Sittner

My microaggressions anthology is printed as a zine. It is a collection of Facebook posts cut and pasted onto 10 pages and photocopied. The personal experiences were posted by Facebook users self-identifying as minorities according to race, gender, sexuality, and other identifiers that subject people to oppressive “-isms.”

Racism, sexism, ageism and other “-isms” impose a collective trauma on people seen as “other.” My zine anthology is meant to educate people by offering examples of true-to-life microaggressions, both blatant and more subtle, to raise awareness of the impact of insensitive words and actions on people who are not part of the majority in power. It is my hope to promote self-reflection and educated conversation among the readers of this zine. Wendy is accepting donations to print additional copies ($5/copy), paypal to

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