Art Installations


411 Sunrise Mural

by 411 Collective

Project’s Mission: Bring together art community to infuse Sunrise Movement with creative dimension, in alignment with the theme and with leadership from legacy Catharsis 411 crew.

Abrazo De Pachamama

by Dana Hollister and Dusty Rose

Project’s Mission: Pachamama embodies healing through nature’s embrace. Through the encircling concept of our sculpture, we incorporate the message of Pachamama and bringing it to Catharsis on the Mall, fusing cultures and philosophies together through the binding power of Mother Nature.

Project Philosophy: To remain close to this earth and her material goodness, to remember the feel and sensation of being at peace with oneself, and one with those around us. In spite of the chaos that surrounds us, the technologies that consume us, and the reality that disconnects us from the sources that bring life, this piece bridges that gap and brings us back together in a long-awaited embrace.

Dana Hollister    Dusty Rose



by Thaddeus Ecchevaria

Mission: Crystals have a special place in nature worship and rituals: they serve as a conduit between the spiritual and physical planes through a product of Mother Earth, the very rocks that form her.

anima:Tua provides a space that invites the public to experience this interaction: a communal place in which they can meditate on healing their relationship with the spiritual and physical aspects of how humanity interacts with the planet they live on.

Philosophy: This proposed concept is a first step to build something beautiful to stand as an icon of collaboration, innovation, and the divine feminine. In the project’s final evolution, female figures seated in lotus position evoke Buddhist depictions of Bodhisattvas, evolved beings who may reach nirvana but choose to remain behind in order to continue to pass the dharma and free others from suffering with compassion and loving-kindness. With feminine figures surrounded by lights that participants work together to activate, we hope to impart a message of female empowerment, connectedness, and sharing of the light through art.



by Mason Calhoun

Project’s Mission: Beams is a light installation representing the beams of light that emerge from one’s glowing soul. Beams exists to bring out the light in others.




by Dan Haber, Victoria Mitchell

Mission: This installation requires the engagement of the participants, and will reinvigorate their desire to take political and social action on climate change. Morgan Freeman’s script stimulates deep thinking by starting out hopeful and painting a picture of a better tomorrow, but by asking what steps we need to take today, and placing us in the shoes of our children looking back at the actions we’re taking now, the subject is forced to feel the potential guilt of inaction. Throughout the experience, lighting effects will accompany Morgan’s voice to enhance the emotional effects of the script and background music. As the lights fade and the Earth above has gone black, the subject steps out and has a deep sense of urgency and purpose. At this time, they can pledge to take action by writing on the chalkboard what they will do to better take care of Mother Nature.

Philosophy: We are hoping to create a space where participants are forced to think about the future we desire and how we need to act to get there. Through the exciting visuals they have never experienced before, this moment will leave a lasting impact on their mental space. This art installation is our contribution to the climate change debate and we hope to wake people up to the realities of the issue at hand.




by Marianela Fuentes y Gus Cardenas

Project’s Mission: Ichiro Sacred Beings is a piece of art made with love and creativity, we want the people to all around the world experience this with us.  Ichiro is made full of rituals and sacred symbols.

Project’s philosophy: Ichiro is a very emotional altar of ancient times aiming at connecting with our ancestors and our inner self.

Instagram @ichirothedino


by Mikela Moore

The installation will be comprised of six doors total. The doors will be spaced out, approximately 10 feet in between, in a s-curve shape along the lawn. Appropriate lighting will be used to make sure the door way is accessible.


by Cesar Maxit

Project’s Mission: We are trying to call attention to the rapidly increasing rate of planetary extinction and want to call for a national climate emergency declaration.

Project’s Philosophy: Rebel for Life is our tagline, and we want to focus our efforts around the preservation of life.


Instagram: @extinctionrebelliondc


Twitter Handle: @XRebelDC

Mothership O

by Cesar Maxit

Project’s Mission:

Participants will get to roll O-One and experience moving a large object much larger than themselves will be joyful and a little scary. Working together, people will be able to control, steer, and roll our mothership O-One. The sculpture will also act as frame to capture scenes for people all around fostering a sense of connection and community. Because of it’s large size, much of what it frames will be the sky.

Project’s philosophy:

The sculpture is a vessel that in its simple form will have a much greater impact than the sum of its parts. I think the form of the sculpture creates a window or a gateway through which one can jump through into a world of justice. I hope people will really see each other through O-One. I hope it can help people imagine living in a space station far from Earth. I hope it can help people remember we must act to protect life on Earth.

Instagram: @csrmxt

Twitter: @rvltn

Piercing the Veil

by Kyle O Street

Project’s Mission: All participants of Catharsis are invited to get up to the artwork and become part of it in photographs. Not many pieces of art invite you to walk right up to the canvas and touch it. And if people desire a memory to share they were in a unique cross section of time and space, temporary art exhibits offer a chance for something novel and unique.

Project’s Philosophy: In conjunction with last year’s theme, Waking from the American Dream, this art piece was supposed to help demonstrate there’s a whole world beyond the boundaries of the one around us, and it may take an energy from out there to assist in seeing past the bubble we may be raised or exist within. I wanted the individual being hit by this beam and receiving this view past the world they’re inside of to be genderless and rainbow colored so anyone might be able to picture themselves in that position of awakening.

Artist: Kyle O. Street

Piercing the Veil

by Ashley Dequilla

Piercing the Veil is a large interactive painting / mural featuring a goddess weighing the scales of justice. This is an abstract landscape painting featuring a veiled goddess figure in the center.

Primordial Soap

by Amanda Krause

Project’s mission:

The art of washing yourself and being blessed by water, giving thanks and respect to water as our life force and source is of the upmost importance. We have a duty to all life dependent on access to clean, healthy, safe water and inspire others to not be mislead and distracted from this one truth WATER IS LIFE for HUMANITY!

Project’s Philosophy:

We want to connect with the individual level of their health and safety, health care is primary to our existence and we are focusing on bringing the perfoamer into the lime light of our connection to one another, how our actions, decisions are a ripple that grow to be bigger than ourselves, that there is power in harnessing that and our energy and every decision should not be wasted but offered in love of prosperity for all beings here on the Mothership. We have no Passengers here afloat in the Primordial Soap only Crew, and each member of the crew has their own gift and their own choice to offer it for the common good or be a parasite on this earth.

Psychedelic Tea Party Live Art & Body Painting

by Gabrielle Chapman

I paint women into their highest, most powerful selves in order to encourage self love and self  expression! Bodypaints, glitter, and makeup create a multilayered, intricate armor of magic. No previous references are used- each masterpiece is derived from the individuality of each human I am painting.

Queer People of Color Futures: Alt. Beauty Standards Inspired

by Ilana Alazzeh

Project’s philosophy:

Inspired by exploring what is beautiful–by stories like, Bulleh Shah (a respected Muslim Sufi mystic) having his own pride parade in 14th century India while dressed in femme bridal clothes (& still loved by Atheists, Sikhs & Hindus alike), Qajarian (pre-colonialized Iran) beauty standards where it was preferred that men were bare faced & women had facial hair, Afro Futurism: Octavia Butler’s  incorporatations of multi-ethnic & multi-species communities that insist on “hybridity beyond the point of discomfort”–reflecting the artist’s mixed identities), differ-abilities (not disabilities), Kabbalah, 6 genders in the Torah, queerness of Muslim cultures & of alternative translations of the Quran that talk about Ancient Aliens. This series comprised of paintings that challenges beauty standards, western narratives of POC history while paying homage to our ancestors who were more fwd thinking then we give them credit & bringing attention to their ancient futurism.



Right To Play

by Syma Qatanani

Project’s mission: Our project provides a space that prioritizes play while letting the participants contemplate the idea of right to play for everyone and everywhere.

Project’s philosophy; We are children yearning to play, we should honour that.

Samaki: Stronger Together

by Angeline Chen and Kyle Block

Project’s Mission: An Immersive, Collaborative Painting Experience: Uniting people across time, space and cultures to contribute to something larger than ourselves

Project’s Philosophy: From afar, the installation exemplifies the power of people. Only with the contribution of people can the painting go from black and white to full and alive. The journey is so profound to watch as we timelapse it, we see the community’s commitment to the painting. People come all day over 3 days to keep contributing to it, until it is finally done. It supports the the prospect of having a shared mission, if everyone contributes, magnificent things can happen. At the individual level we see profound personal experiences happening at the installation – people who have never painted before feeling comfortable painting. People resonating with the content in a deep way. People learning about our philanthropic projects and getting involved in some way.




Soap Box Confessions: An Oral History of DC

by Adam Eidinger

Project’s Mission: Although our name Soap Box Confessions is new, Our project has a proven track record of providing people the space to heal and be heard at Catharsis.  We see our mission this year to build upon lessons of previous years and to increase the curation of our space which is also a theme camp for DCMJ. Our goal is to activate more people year round and to give them the support to fight for positive changes in our community and for human rights. Catharsis is the open we hope to expanding the mission in more people’s hearts to end the drug war and rebuild lives.  We are centered around the cannabis plant as a guiding light to tackle the issues at hand. More so than previous years at catharsis we will focus on the colony status of DC through art, discussion and radical oratory.

Project’s Philosophy: Freedom of thought, truth and liberty is what advances humanity.  We hope to demonstrate a beautiful colorful space powered by the sun, an example of a Green mindset in more ways than one.  We are radically inclusive and will teach the 10 principles of Burning Man. All may speak, all may demand change.


Twitter Handle: @dcmj2014

Facebook Link:

The Joyful Revolution’s Kazoo Catharsis

by Cathryn Davis

Our “joy generators” will hand out 1,000+ kazoos (dependent on funding) to create both intimate and large scale music merriment, including hit songs like “This Land Is Your Land” and “This Little Light of Mine.” All are invited to participate in this performance art, taking place throughout the event.

The Killadelphia Experiment

by Andrew Skrzensk

Project’s mission; There are NO boundaries

Project’s philosophy: To Blow minds and up the anty ! this is an engineering marvel that will inspire potential artist that anything is possible.

The Plastic Shanty

by Anthony Frank

Project’s mission: With awareness about plastic pollution and alternatives, the Plastic Shanty is a gathering space for cultivating a culture that revives our connection and respect to our mother, Gaia. It will transform the audience by offering ideas and showing the effects of plastics on the Earth. The use of alternatives will help in restoring our environment and foster a mass social change in harmony with the world.

Project’s Philosophy: The end of single-use plastics and the creation of a new way of respecting what we put into the Earth and into our bodies. The art will continue to be shown with the intention of traveling where there are large amounts of plastic polluting litter.

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