Waking From The American Dream

November 9-11th, 2018

The National Mall,

Washington DC

November 9-11th, 2018

The National Mall,

Washington DC

Waking From The American Dream

We are Waking From The American Dream, and in its place we are determined to create abundance, communion, connection, transformation, and integration — setting the foundation for a new culture. You are invited to join us in reflection and in the creation of this new culture through art, music, dance, workshops, movement, dialogue, and many other modalities of healing.

As we awaken,

We reject the story of exploitation and disrespect of Earth’s resources and her Beings, which acts to perpetuate perceived scarcity as a catalyst for conflict.

We reject the story of perpetual war, which demonstrates force and violence over dialogue and mutual consent, as a norm of destruction, abuse, and trauma.

We reject the story of discriminating against and enslaving human beings based on socio-economic class, ability, religion, race, sex, gender expression, and sexuality.

We reject the story of criminalizing plants and medicines which expand consciousness and unite us across boundaries, but instead have led to mass incarceration and systematic oppression.

Instead of creating a better, richer life for all, the “American Dream” and its illusion of “Manifest Destiny” as the means for prosperity have been exclusionary — widening the divide of inequality in every realm. We are opening our eyes to the reality that this idealized “American Dream” was built on the backs of millions of indigenous, black, brown and Asian bodies, whose stories it seeks to obscure and erase. In the “American Dream,” we see the specters from generations of oppression rising around us — white nationalism, corporate personhood, homelessness, violence, an opioid crisis, ecological devastation, and unethical politics. Ignoring the intersectionality of these injustices, and how our everyday lives are intertwined with them, is perhaps the biggest driving force perpetuating their devastating impacts.

Our eyes are opening.

This is the not the way we want our story to be told.

We shall no longer want to participate in an American Dream which breaks apart families, closes its borders to those who are seeking safety, does not honor the feminine, and ultimately upholds the status quo of division and separateness.

We are waking from this dream to shift from an egocentric patriotism towards a global consciousness.

We are waking from this dream which hoards wealth and affluence, when it is the birthright of every Being of this Earth to access abundance in all its realms.

We are waking from this dream which tells us that there is only one right way to live, when, in fact, there are many and diverse ways to live a life of happiness and love.

This “American Dream”

is not the Story that we will cultivate

nor the Reality we will pass on to our CHILDREN.

As we awaken,

We want to create the new Vision — a dream of harmony, equity, and love.

In this new Vision, everything around us is medicine: the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the vast emotions we feel, the language that we speak, the connections we make, and the life that we live. We visualize a society that respects and honors womyn, people of all abilities, gender and sexual expressions, and the vulnerability of everyone. We visualize a day when we do not have to send our brothers, sisters, partners, and loved ones off to fight wars

We see the cause and effect of our actions. Our decisions are our own and they ripple and vibrate through the Universe. Through our awakening, we slowly bring more of this shadow to light, to consider the full impacts of our actions on the diverse beings who are affected. Only when we embrace and integrate this shadow can we begin to balance with this new vision.

We want to create and widen our bridges, rooted in fellowship and compassion, outstretched to our global neighbor, honoring intergenerational and polycultural wisdom. We want to create a universal vision where we share what Turtle Island has provided us, which is the plentiful abundance of land, plants, food, wealth, spirituality and love. We dream of the day that we all consent to live in harmony and eliminate the need for borders and weapons to “protect” ourselves from the unknown. We want the unknown to enable curiosity and the need to learn and understand, rather than incite fear and violence. We dream of a day when we can freely explore our minds and our world through psychedelic experiences and awaken realizing we are one.

We would be honored and humbled for you to gather with us on this journey. We invite you to radically participate in this shaping of the world we want to be a part of, for ourselves, and for seven generations to come — and beyond — on Mother Earth. Join us on November 9-11 to create the microcosm of the macrocosm of this new vision.

We are Waking from the Dream of the Past

and are Creating a new Vision of the Future.

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