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The National Mall,
Washington DC, USA

Open To All Ages

We are in a time of shifts and transformations, awakening the true power of humanity: to heal itself and remember who we truly are, as individuals and as a collective, as we connect back to the feminine, Mother Earth, Our MotherShip.

Earth is our MotherShip. She carries us through the Cosmos. We grow out of her in the same way a sprout bursts from a seed; a blossom grows from a stem; an acorn grows from the branch of an oak tree. We are as miraculous as a freshwater spring bursting forth into a river from a moisture soaked mountain peak.

The constant renewal of her devotion to our development is expressed through the unconditional gift of her elements. Our hunger is satisfied through nutrients brought up from intimate subterranean relationships between beneficial microbes, fungi, insects and the roots of the plants consumed by us, by animals, designed to nurture every process of our beings. Our thirst is quenched by glacial melt, by the rain, continually collected and offered to us through the power of wind and cloud patterns in the sky above. We are protected by the perfect math of her atmosphere, cycling the oxygen that fills our lungs while simultaneously transforming the fire energy burning from the surface of the sun into a form our bodies use to restore our health and wellness. Our MotherShip provides an interstellar alchemy so unique in our universe that we have not yet found an exact replica in all of our exploratory research of life found elsewhere.

Humankind is a conscious collective living within a deep illusion of separateness, behaving as if we have no relation to ourselves, to each other, to Mother Earth, the animals, the plants, and these intricate ecosystems we deeply depend on. Our culture teaches us that we came into this world with each of us as an alien confronted by a hostile environment. Humankind did not simply come into this world; we grew out of it the same way we emerged out of our own Mothers, as all life did.

Our existence has been out of balance.


We have plagued our MotherShip with waste, poisons, and toxins that are now causing irreparable harm to our ecosystem, our beloved home, our personal health, and our relations in the animal kingdom. The materialist, capitalist, and egotistical way of living demands that we consume mindlessly, unaware of the harm and risk that we cause. Through these behaviors, we are leading humanity and life on this planet toward extinction.

The narratives of draconian paradigms have taught us to abuse and harm the feminine. This cultivate hatred and mistrust of ourselves, our intuition, our mothers, sisters, daughters, children, and partners, but most of all, our MotherShip. We breathe, we eat, and we live in an environment that is constantly polluted. How do we turn this poison into medicine? How do we bring our lives into balance? How can we support our MotherShip to once again be a thriving, harmonized, clean, sacred home for us and all forms of life?

Decades of social justice organizing and movements have talked about the future. We are determined, as an organization and as a community, not to wait for the future we want. We choose to actively live the future as if it is here now. We welcome the new world now and are not waiting for anyone to be our savior, guru, shaman or healer; because only we can heal ourselves. Only we can choose to live the life we want to live.


The arrival point is now.

Now we have an obligation to respect, care for and empathize with each other, the animals, and the plants. As her children, we are our MotherShips stewards with the capacity of intentional consciousness and the ability to realize the vision this responsibility brings.


Now is the time we embark on a journey of absolute happiness by reflecting deep within to nurture a radical love for ourselves. That this radical, unconditional love will penetrate to the core of this planet and fractalize beyond into the Cosmos. We are resolved to explore that we are reflections of cosmic dust enfolding into existence meant to resonate love and creation. As above, so below. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


Now is the time to acknowledge we are all citizens of our MotherShip, not of spaces within borders and countries created to gain control of resources to keep the masses from rising against those in power. It is the time to recognize and honor those of us that have called these lands home for thousands of years. To acknowledge those of us who are indigenous and still here, whose land was stolen through genocide and violence and continues to be occupied.


Now is the time when we shall “create a society that we would want to be apart of” for the next generation and seven generations after and beyond; so they may live in peace, harmony and serenity; so that they may be able to breathe the fresh air by the trees; to look up and see the stars shining through the night sky; to be able to create something bigger than ourselves; so that this Earth and its limitless creations may have a future.


Now is the time to dissolve the illusion of separateness and begin creating the reality of unity and interconnectedness, that we are one Earth.



This interconnectedness is going back to our ancestral times, to matriarchy, to counsels, to being attuned and harmonized with Mother Earth, Pachamama, Mother Gaia. United on our MotherShip we are taking the technologies, the sciences, and the lessons created from the illusion of separateness and calibrating them to the polyculture of this planet.

The future is now as we balance our interactions between ourselves and others, of science and spirit, of the masculine, feminine and the child, of the internal and external, of the light and the darkness, of technology and of nature; of the world we live in.

Being interconnected is consent culture, the #metoo movement, healing through the food we eat by honoring our Mother Earth, the search of Truth living creativity and peacefully. We forgive those who are in power and those who have hoarded the abundance of this Earth to themselves because they were only repeating patterns from what they have been taught by their parents, their parents’ parents, and their ancestors that came before them.

The revival of the Creator is in each and every one of us through art, music, dance, spirituality, politics, dialogues, expression and anything that can be intentionally applicable in the pursuit of truth and love. It is the building of community through creativity and storytelling to spread and activate the frequency and vibration of healing and universal love.

Feeling that we are all related is the embodiment of peace by acting in the Divine Feminine and Masculine.


The new world is here. The new paradigm is now. We are able to love unconditionally and deeply because we have risen in love with ourselves, our MotherShip and the Cosmos. We recognize that we are sovereign beings, in a world of interconnectedness and love. We arrive now!

We are honored to invite you to join us on this journey back to our interconnectedness with Our MotherShip. We invite you to radically participate in co-creating and manifesting our future into our present moment. Join us on May 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2019, on the National Mall to come together in unity, connection, and healing!

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