Cannabis Karma Art Grant for Catharsis on the Mall 2018

Catharsis on the Mall is pleased to collaborate with Cannabis Karma to facilitate our first community art grant. This grant is open to anyone in our extended DMV / Baltimore community who wants to bring an art project to Catharsis on the Mall, Nov 9-11 2018.


The expected grant size is approximately $1,000 and funds should be used for materials, costs associated with creation/transportation, and compensating the artist(s) for labor. In addition to cash, Catharsis will (as best we are able) provide support with tools and space as well.

Funds will be raised from door proceeds from Cannabis Karma’s “Good Vibes” event on September 17. Formal submissions are due on September 24, but artists are encouraged to attend Good Vibes on the 17th ready to talk about their project, salon-style, if they are able (this may also enable further collaboration and support even for projects with are not grant recipients).

Grant recipient(s) decision will be announced on or before September 28, with decision being made by Cannabis Karma & Catharsis art curation team. Community input during and after “Good Vibes” will be a factor in the decision, along with the below criteria.

Submission Process

In order to submit, artist(s) must complete the following by 11:59 pm on September 24:

  1. Provide details of your project through the Catharsis art submission form. Artists who have already submitted do not need to re-submit.
  2. Email with the following:
    1. State your intention to apply for the grant
    2. Expected budget for use of grant funds
    3. Any other information you want to share relevant to criteria below

If for any reason artist is unable to complete the project and bring it to Catharsis on the Mall, they will be expected to make a good faith effort to refund the grant to the best of their ability and/or seek agreeable terms of resolution with Cannabis Karma and Catharsis on the Mall.

Grant Criteria

  • Quality – creativity, originality, effort, feasibility and general quality of the project/proposal
  • Community interactivity & participation – degree of opportunity for community interactivity and participation with the project (during Catharsis, as well as during creation and after)
  • Artist’s contribution to community – Cannabis Karma’s intention with this grant is to give back to the artists who do a lot to support them and the broader community. As such, artist’s good standing and prior contributions to the community will be a factor for this particular grant.
  • Relevance – relevance to the mission and theme of Catharsis on the Mall
  • Sustainability and Reuse – potential for reuse and further community utility, as well as consideration for sustainable practices and LNT principle in project lifecycle

Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

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