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Catharsis on Mall: A Vigil for Healing, November 2020, “A Vision of Haven”

November 7, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm

There’s no doubt that the year 2020 has been one the most difficult and challenging years in modern history in America  — and in the world. Domestically, we have faced political strife, violence, racial and sexual injustice, deep disparity and inequity, widespread uncertainty, isolation and anxiety brought about by a public health crisis, personal and occupational insecurity, pain, loss and fear. 

In so many ways, we have been living tenuously through 2020’s crises and traumas. Our normal coping mechanisms – our friends, our families, our vocations, our hobbies, our social activities – have been stripped away from us or altered in the interest of our shared responsibility to a broader public health concern, leaving us with few ways to cope healthily through each day. Through all of these challenges, we struggle to find ways to practice radical self-care, to find joy, hope, gratitude, love, peace, health and wholeness.

Catharsis on the Mall, the annual vigil whose mission is — and has always been — intended to facilitate healing our wounds in ourselves, each other and in our society, also faced challenges in 2020. Our planned vigil for 2020 was postponed in light of COVID 19 preventing the large but intimate gatherings that have been a hallmark of our vigil and of the healing that comes with it.

And yet, there’s never been a time in which the need for healing and wholeness has been greater. Catharsis on the Mall has a unique role to play in facilitating healing, restoration, centering and renewal in 2020 – and the ability to do so responsibly.

It is our great honor to provide A Vision of Haven, the 2020 Catharsis on the Mall vigil on the afternoon through evening of November 7th, in a largely virtual space for those who need to find wholeness, peace, conciliation and  joy; who need to release fear, anxiety, pain, grief and anger and to find new moments of stillness and a new sense of purpose. And, indeed, we are making space for healing and reflection of our own.  

Our 2020 vigil will take place – primarily online. Always free, you can visit our website or Facebook page to watch the stream or sign up to get notifications or reminders. The vigil will feature meditations, workshops, visual pieces, sound healing, cathartic movement, spoken word and more – all intended to be a magnificent healing force – a moment of peace and reflection – even as we continue to navigate the challenges that still lie ahead. 

Our Temple, the Reliquary of Reconciliation, offered by Michael Verdon, is a non denominational sanctuary, a place of sacredness and solemnity; a place for remembrance, grief, and renewal that anchors the vigil. While this Temple space will be physically present on the Mall beginning Tuesday, November 3rd, a virtual version of the temple will also be available to enable anyone online to leave their remembrances, tokens and affirmations. The Lotus of Haven Effigy offered by Quest Skinner will be ceremonially set aflame Saturday night from off-site, live-streamed on our channels for release, while the Reliquary of Reconciliation Temple and all remembrances will be retained until we can gather again safely for a proper Temple burn. 

While we are so honored to be positioned to provide the gift of an opportunity for healing to our community, to the nation and to the world, we are, ourselves, similarly grateful for the opportunity as an organization to reflect on our own shortfalls, contributions and struggles and to recommit ourselves to more expansive engagement, radical inclusion and cooperation, and deeper levels of real support to the many diverse people and communities around us. Nothing could be more closely aligned with the mission, heart and spirit of Catharsis on the Mall and its community members. We invite you to join us as we hold space for this important work. 

Temple Open & BellVisual projections November 3, 2020 8 PM

Healing Offerings Schedule — Saturday, November 7 Online and on the National Mall, 15th & Constitution Ave NW
2:00 pm – Land Acknowledgement, Invitation to Brave Space & Opening Ceremonial Drumming
2:20p Short Artist talks by Katrina Alexander, Robin Bell and Michael Verdon

2:40p Victoria Vixen’s Guide to Self Cuddling
3:10p Betty Kao workshop: Regenerative worlds, Our 8th Ocean and bioremediation
3:30p Fnu Lnu Universal Home Movement and Meditation
4:00p Sihnuu Hetep Sound Bath + Meditation

5:30p Quest Skinner Effigy burn projected onto National Mall and online + *Drumming*

6:00p (Sundown) – Shanna Lim performance in the Temple area – The Painted Guardian – The Guardians promenade led by Japanese Taiko Drummer, Mark H Rooney. A lighted interactive performance. A lighted Angel wearing a large scale recycled wearable art dress made of flooring materials resembling all the tragedy we tread upon yet manage to turn into a shining grace of strength. You will share painted words and messages wanted to be relayed to their guardian Angel or a hope that resonates within. Participants that choose to be involved will wear masks approaching the Guardian. Some body markers will be on hand with a guide but if you want to practice more personal safety arrive with your own personal body painting pens. Will have sanitized body paint .

(Body Paint pens twist and paint at Michaels art supply. Avoid oil base.)

7:00p Gather for distance bike ride along Constitution Avenue + BellVisual Projections continue

7:00p-10p – Pre-recorded videos broadcast (all pre-recorded videos will also be kept for a healing resource library for community to find at any time)


November 7, 2020
2:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Catharsis on the Mall



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