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What can I expect?

Catharsis on the Mall 2019 will be held on the National Mall, in the shadow of the Washington Monument, from Friday, May 3 noon – Sunday, May 5 noon. Vigilers can expect to find: a like-minded community of participants who care about healing for ourselves, each other and our society; large scale art, workshops, speakers, music and activities during the day and evening; a variety of small scale local art provided by YOU; healing and gathering spaces; music and cathartic dancing on Saturday night until sunrise.


What should I bring?

Here is a short list of what to bring :

  • Whatever personal food and water you will need for your time at Catharsis
  • Warm clothes for Saturday night – we will have some heaters but last year got COLD
  • Flashlight / head lamp
  • Blankets, chairs, and/or mats
    Small container for cigarette butt disposal, if you smoke
  • If traveling from out of town, plans for sleeping accommodations OFF the National Mall
  • Your active, creative spirit and energy, awareness of your own journey home and readiness to meet others in theirs

What should I NOT bring?

  • Sleeping bags / overnight gear / intentions to sleep on the National Mall (our permit does not allow this)
  • Any form of campfire, fireworks, firearm, camping stove, generator or anything like this; including fire staffs (Unfortunately, the conclave is a closed jam!)

***Do not bring alcohol or any illegal substances, including cannabis*** Catharsis on the Mall is a vigil for healing and an acknowledgement of our journeys. It is a space for consciousness, not for inebriation. Furthermore, it is on public, federal property and all federal laws are in effect. Anyone found consuming or possessing alcohol or illegal substances on the National Mall will be immediately asked to leave by volunteers and organizers, and law enforcement will be on site and assisting in maintaining public safety and compliance with the law.


How do I get there?

Catharsis on the Mall 2018 will be held on the National Mall, south of Constitution Ave and west of 15th St NW, between the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial.

  • Nearest Metro: Smithsonian (Blue/Orange/Silver), 5-10 minute walk; Archives (Green/Yellow) 15-20 minute walk; Farragut North (Red) 15 minute walk
  • Driving Directions: German American Friendship Garden / 1600 Constitution Ave NW
  • Parking: Parking meters along the National Mall run from 7a-8p every day with a 3 hour limit. We discourage driving with plans to park. NPS Meter FAQ / alternative suggestions.

Where do I stay?

If you are visiting D.C. for Catharsis this year and you are looking to stay at a hotel, The Eaton Hotel is offering a 20% discount on rooms. Use their website to book your room and use the discount code: NIMPACT



During the day the best best is Washington Monument Lodge right around the corner from Catharsis; there are also public restrooms behind Sylvan Theater and at the World War II Memorial.

Porta potties will be available at night on north side of the Catharsis grounds, near Constitution Ave.



Bring your recyclables, Guayakí cans and compost to Makers Camp for a gift! We will be making Collaborative Art with recycled materials, come up-cycle at the Makers Camp!

Also Learn more about how to vote on your favorite art installations with Gratitude tokens (@mettamakers) on Instagram.

Makers Camp Schedule -Will be updated on whiteboard live at the Makers camp #9

Cultural Appropiation & Respect

Appropriation of native traditions such as headdresses, war paint, faux native regalia / ceremony by non-native people are not welcome at Catharsis. They will cause active discomfort and disrespect to native people present. This is especially important since Catharsis takes place on occupied native land. If you bring them, we will approach you and may ask you to stop.

Leave No Trace


Plan to pack out any waste and recycling you generate during Catharsis. On-site trash and recycling will be limited, and we don’t want to overflow any public bins in the nearby area.


Let’s take collective ownership of our space and demonstrate the values of our community by keeping the National Mall beautiful and clean during the event. If you don’t clean it up, another volunteer will at the end of the weekend when everyone is exhausted. Please do your part.


MOOP (Matter Out of Place) from clothes like sequins, glitter or feathers are nearly impossible to clean up. We plan to return the National Mall to the condition we found it, or better at the end of the event. Please avoid bringing costumes that incorporate elements that can easily fall off.


Cigarettes butts cause most fires and trash. Always put your butts out and NEVER throw them on the ground. Carry a small can or film tube in your pocket to hold your used butts.

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