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Theme Camp Handbook

Theme camp documentation and guidelines for collaborating and bringing your gift to the National Mall.

Artist 101 Packet

In this packet, you will find:
● Catharsis Points of Contact
● Important Dates
● Catharsis 2020 Curation Guidelines, Context
● Next Steps – Deliverables
● Support

Guide to Art Grants

Prospective applicants are encouraged to read the entire Guide to Art Grants
before submitting an application.

Health & Safety

In this packet, you will find:
● Medical
● Zendo
● Rangers
● Sanctuary
● DanceSafe



This event runs solely on the generosity and dedication of people like yourself. Register to help make it happen.



Physical “Placed” Art Application

We would love to work with you to bring your art to Catharsis on the Mall.


Art Grant Applications

Maximum grant request is $1,500. Deadline is February 4, 2020.


Ceremonial Fire Application

The Ceremonial Fire Letter of Intent is for any potential fire arts on the Mall. Whether a Temple, Effigy, Flow Arts, Propane Art, or other ceremonial practice involving the use of living flame, this application is for our community members to participate even more in the process.


Theme Camp Applications

We would love to work with you to bring your Theme Camp to Catharsis on the Mall.


Event and Performance Submissions

This form is for folx WITHOUT a theme camp. If you are part of a Theme Camp, please do not fill out this form as you will have another process. Includes submissions for:
Live Music, Performance, Workshop, Panel, Class, DJ, Gathering, Discussion, & More!


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