Abrazo De Pachamama

Project’s Mission: Pachamama embodies healing through nature’s embrace. Through the encircling concept of our sculpture, we incorporate the message of Pachamama and bringing it to Catharsis on the Mall, fusing cultures and philosophies together through the binding power of Mother Nature.

Project Philosophy: To remain close to this earth and her material goodness, to remember the feel and sensation of being at peace with oneself, and one with those around us. In spite of the chaos that surrounds us, the technologies that consume us, and the reality that disconnects us from the sources that bring life, this piece bridges that gap and brings us back together in a long-awaited embrace.

Dana Hollister http://www.danareneehollister.com    Dusty Rose http://dustyrose.myportfolio.com


Dana Hollister and Dusty Rose

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