Mission: Crystals have a special place in nature worship and rituals: they serve as a conduit between the spiritual and physical planes through a product of Mother Earth, the very rocks that form her.

anima:Tua provides a space that invites the public to experience this interaction: a communal place in which they can meditate on healing their relationship with the spiritual and physical aspects of how humanity interacts with the planet they live on.

Philosophy: This proposed concept is a first step to build something beautiful to stand as an icon of collaboration, innovation, and the divine feminine. In the project’s final evolution, female figures seated in lotus position evoke Buddhist depictions of Bodhisattvas, evolved beings who may reach nirvana but choose to remain behind in order to continue to pass the dharma and free others from suffering with compassion and loving-kindness. With feminine figures surrounded by lights that participants work together to activate, we hope to impart a message of female empowerment, connectedness, and sharing of the light through art.


Thaddeus Ecchevaria

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