Bee Colony Collapse Babel EU

This painting is based on the story of the Tower of Babel and the building of the European Union in Belgium. The design of the EU structure is based on drawings of the Tower of Babel. This painting is comprised of a variety of bees in pairs, each type of bee drawing represents another language from a different culture or disciple throughout time around the world, such as Egyptian hieroglyphics, Phoenician drawings, scientific illustration, a sacred geometry bee symbol from a crop circle. The eleven bees circle the hive-like tower as the stars circle the EU building in it’s promotional illustrations. The honey dripping hive tower reaches toward a bright white sky.

Honey is one of our most ancient food medicines. This painting is an allegory of what may happen if people don’t pay attention to the phenomenon in which worker bees from a bee colony abruptly disappear. If the major pollinators of our food and medicine plants become sick from poor environmental conditions, thus unable to do their duty, the world’s fresh food supply will shortly disappear. Climate chaos and disorder ensue when people do not communicate. Mixed medium paint and gold metallic pigment on canvas.

This painting was displayed at the Times Square Chashama International Film Festival.

Betty T. Kao

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