Mission: This installation requires the engagement of the participants, and will reinvigorate their desire to take political and social action on climate change. Morgan Freeman’s script stimulates deep thinking by starting out hopeful and painting a picture of a better tomorrow, but by asking what steps we need to take today, and placing us in the shoes of our children looking back at the actions we’re taking now, the subject is forced to feel the potential guilt of inaction. Throughout the experience, lighting effects will accompany Morgan’s voice to enhance the emotional effects of the script and background music. As the lights fade and the Earth above has gone black, the subject steps out and has a deep sense of urgency and purpose. At this time, they can pledge to take action by writing on the chalkboard what they will do to better take care of Mother Nature.

Philosophy: We are hoping to create a space where participants are forced to think about the future we desire and how we need to act to get there. Through the exciting visuals they have never experienced before, this moment will leave a lasting impact on their mental space. This art installation is our contribution to the climate change debate and we hope to wake people up to the realities of the issue at hand.



Dan Haber, Victoria Mitchell

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