Community Sound System FDMT

Community Sound System FDMT is a community project from Washington, DC that hand builds sound systems to use for live music, DJ, Bands, fundraisers, public rallies, dance workshops, yoga classes, and activism. For over 3 years they have provided sound free of cost to over 50 events in the DC, MD, Northern VA area. The Community Sound System FDMT Project is crowd funded and relies on donations from generous community participants and organizers. Because building speaker cabinets requires work and knowledge, creating new custom cabinets for events gives opportunities for community members to help and learn speaker building techniques. This is a wonderful way to engage the community to learn about sound theory, electrical wiring, speaker technology, and carpentry tools/technique.

The elements and motto for the Community Sound System FDMT is “Dance, Sing, Speak, Teach, and Learn”.  The intention is that a sound system can also help get a positive message across to festival participants.  Our intention is to also provide workshops during the event about how to build speaker systems and get more folks involved in helping the community grow.

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Community Sound System FDMT

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