Extinction Rebellion – Tell the Truth

The Extinction Rebellion is built to act as a spearhead for the movement to reverse the effects of climate change and get out of the current existential crises we face as a species. And make no mistake, calling it a crisis is an understatement. This understanding can be scary and traumatic for some to think about. For others, they are upset at the current systems and want to see change. Still others, just may lack some practical knowledge as to what the fuss is all about. We are excited to offer something for everyone. If you feel sadness or trauma over climate change, we offer space to create art and gather information that will hopefully help you cope moving forward. If you are ready for action, well come on down, we’d love to speak with you about contributing – whether it is very small or very significant – it is totally necessary for people to activate if we are to succeed. And if you feel ignorant about what is going on; we offer inclusivity, expert discussions, information to share, and relevant material when discussing with your own social circles. Whatever your motivation, this affects all of us

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