Festival Directivity Matched Transition, A Community Sound System

Hand built with love for all

Our Mantra is:
Dance – Sing – Speak – Teach – Learn

This sound system build is a way to help the community in the DC area to hold events that require amplified sound without having to worry about the cost.

This sound system is available gratis for fundraisers, dance events, performance, workshops, and public rallies. Since 2015 we have done over 50 free events as a gift to the community.

For Catharsis on the Mall 2018, the Community Sound System FDMT will bring the world’s first UV reflective sound system. This new system is designed to be an interactive piece of art as well as a powerful PA system to provide sound for the Love Wins Stage.

Please Support Us by spreading the word, helping us build more, or donating to our cause at our GoFundMe.

Giovanni Galveston

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