Mothership O

Project’s Mission:

Participants will get to roll O-One and experience moving a large object much larger than themselves will be joyful and a little scary. Working together, people will be able to control, steer, and roll our mothership O-One. The sculpture will also act as frame to capture scenes for people all around fostering a sense of connection and community. Because of it’s large size, much of what it frames will be the sky.

Project’s philosophy:

The sculpture is a vessel that in its simple form will have a much greater impact than the sum of its parts. I think the form of the sculpture creates a window or a gateway through which one can jump through into a world of justice. I hope people will really see each other through O-One. I hope it can help people imagine living in a space station far from Earth. I hope it can help people remember we must act to protect life on Earth.

Instagram: @csrmxt

Twitter: @rvltn

Cesar Maxit

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