Piercing the Veil

Project’s Mission: All participants of Catharsis are invited to get up to the artwork and become part of it in photographs. Not many pieces of art invite you to walk right up to the canvas and touch it. And if people desire a memory to share they were in a unique cross section of time and space, temporary art exhibits offer a chance for something novel and unique.

Project’s Philosophy: In conjunction with last year’s theme, Waking from the American Dream, this art piece was supposed to help demonstrate there’s a whole world beyond the boundaries of the one around us, and it may take an energy from out there to assist in seeing past the bubble we may be raised or exist within. I wanted the individual being hit by this beam and receiving this view past the world they’re inside of to be genderless and rainbow colored so anyone might be able to picture themselves in that position of awakening.

Artist: Kyle O. Street




Kyle O Street

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