Primordial Soap

Project’s mission:

The art of washing yourself and being blessed by water, giving thanks and respect to water as our life force and source is of the upmost importance. We have a duty to all life dependent on access to clean, healthy, safe water and inspire others to not be mislead and distracted from this one truth WATER IS LIFE for HUMANITY!

Project’s Philosophy:

We want to connect with the individual level of their health and safety, health care is primary to our existence and we are focusing on bringing the perfoamer into the lime light of our connection to one another, how our actions, decisions are a ripple that grow to be bigger than ourselves, that there is power in harnessing that and our energy and every decision should not be wasted but offered in love of prosperity for all beings here on the Mothership. We have no Passengers here afloat in the Primordial Soap only Crew, and each member of the crew has their own gift and their own choice to offer it for the common good or be a parasite on this earth.

Amanda Krause

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