Queer People of Color Futures: Alt. Beauty Standards Inspired

Project’s philosophy:

Inspired by exploring what is beautiful–by stories like, Bulleh Shah (a respected Muslim Sufi mystic) having his own pride parade in 14th century India while dressed in femme bridal clothes (& still loved by Atheists, Sikhs & Hindus alike), Qajarian (pre-colonialized Iran) beauty standards where it was preferred that men were bare faced & women had facial hair, Afro Futurism: Octavia Butler’s  incorporatations of multi-ethnic & multi-species communities that insist on “hybridity beyond the point of discomfort”–reflecting the artist’s mixed identities), differ-abilities (not disabilities), Kabbalah, 6 genders in the Torah, queerness of Muslim cultures & of alternative translations of the Quran that talk about Ancient Aliens. This series comprised of paintings that challenges beauty standards, western narratives of POC history while paying homage to our ancestors who were more fwd thinking then we give them credit & bringing attention to their ancient futurism.

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Ilana Alazzeh

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