Samaki: Stronger Together

Project’s Mission: An Immersive, Collaborative Painting Experience: Uniting people across time, space and cultures to contribute to something larger than ourselves

Project’s Philosophy: From afar, the installation exemplifies the power of people. Only with the contribution of people can the painting go from black and white to full and alive. The journey is so profound to watch as we timelapse it, we see the community’s commitment to the painting. People come all day over 3 days to keep contributing to it, until it is finally done. It supports the the prospect of having a shared mission, if everyone contributes, magnificent things can happen. At the individual level we see profound personal experiences happening at the installation – people who have never painted before feeling comfortable painting. People resonating with the content in a deep way. People learning about our philanthropic projects and getting involved in some way.




Angeline Chen and Kyle Block

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