Soap Box Confessions: An Oral History of DC

Project’s Mission: Although our name Soap Box Confessions is new, Our project has a proven track record of providing people the space to heal and be heard at Catharsis.  We see our mission this year to build upon lessons of previous years and to increase the curation of our space which is also a theme camp for DCMJ. Our goal is to activate more people year round and to give them the support to fight for positive changes in our community and for human rights. Catharsis is the open we hope to expanding the mission in more people’s hearts to end the drug war and rebuild lives.  We are centered around the cannabis plant as a guiding light to tackle the issues at hand. More so than previous years at catharsis we will focus on the colony status of DC through art, discussion and radical oratory.

Project’s Philosophy: Freedom of thought, truth and liberty is what advances humanity.  We hope to demonstrate a beautiful colorful space powered by the sun, an example of a Green mindset in more ways than one.  We are radically inclusive and will teach the 10 principles of Burning Man. All may speak, all may demand change.


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Adam Eidinger

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