The Vertebra of Creativity

The Vertebra of Creativity is an art piece made of 6 layers of independently moving ornately carved woodwork. inside of a massive tetrahedron splatter painted and carved by artist Hijinks (Jonathan Ash Clark).  As our collective vibration rises we spin the Vertebra of Creativity and perform a yoga of creative branching and connecting via fiber and covered by your participation. Poet Bill Keys The Poem Guy will host typewriting co-elaboration of thoughts and poems and Artist Kaitlyn Mckenzie Nelson will host co-elaboration of painted images and handcraft in which  you are invited to share your waking dream on a the spiders web of wakefulness which we will spread from the piece in a daily ritual using costumes by Kaitlyn Mckenzie Nelson and collective energy to place and vocalize intentions for rising vibrations and meeting the new world as it awakens.

Jonathan Ash Clark, Kaitlyn Mckenzi Nelson, Bill Keys

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