Project’s mission: My project relates to the mission statement of Catharsis on the Mall because I believe that in order to access the universal, one must move through the personal. Mindfullness, self love, and self expression are important avenues of the human experience. I believe that through my work the individual will learn something about themselves. Perhaps they will reflect on a past issue or thought, perhaps through introspection they will find answers to a long standing question. By taking a moment to be with oneself- we often find our connection to others, and a deeper rooted link on the chain of universal energy. My project “Youniverse” acts as an extension of the body, mind and spirit.

Project’s philosophy; Being both a visual artist, dancer, and educator in the arts, I am extremely passionate about self expression. Humans have the incredible ability to create, to use visual language to communicate the intangible such as emotions, time…etc. I believe that art is for everyone. Everyone is equally as employed to make of view art as their neighbor. Through my practice as an artist to create moments to slow down. My work embarks on a deep quest of the self, where I interrogate what it means to be human- or to be conscious at all.

Emily Kuchenbecker

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