The Rainbow Portal

The Rainbow Portal is the reincarnation of the pride billboards from 2017 Burning Man and is a statement on aligning with trans and LGBTQ individuals. A memorial entitled Black Trans Lives Matters is among the billboard topics. Arranged in semi circle in the center will be a 6 foot statue of Lord Shiva Nataraja made from paper mache by artist Emma Hary.

The Pride Boards were created to bring awareness of our gender and sexual expressions and how they have been repressed and oppressed by society and cultural norms. If we understand humans to be diverse and fluid, our gender expression should also be fluid and forever adapting as we live our lives day-to-day.

​The Rainbow Portal will be serving as an interactive art piece and also space for the Gender Dialogue. We want to create organic dialogue amongst participants by giving experiential learning and storytelling from the facilitator about their lives and how gender has affected their relationships with others and relationships with themselves.


Posted on

October 16, 2018

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