Safety and Inclusion


Catharsis exists to create accessible spaces for healing. In particular, we recognize that participants with oppressed and marginalized identities* often have less access to spaces where they feel fully welcome and safe to heal. Catharsis does not permit art or activities that might reasonably cause some participants (especially those who face greater oppression) to feel unsafe without their consent. This includes art or speech that might be experienced as hateful or inciting hate or violence.

We ask all participants to carefully consider whether content they bring (art, scheduled events, theme camps, etc) may create barriers for this radical inclusion. Should a content submission be flagged on safety or inclusivity grounds, we hope that the ensuing process can be one of calling in. However, Catharsis organizers reserve the right to insist at any time on the modification or removal of any content that interferes with some participants’ ability to feel authentically present in the space, regardless of the stated intent of the content creator.

* For example, oppression or marginalization based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, class, being an immigrant, being indigenous, being trans, experiencing homelessness, experiencing neurodivergence or mental unhealth, or substance use.

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