The 2020 Trunk

The Catharsis Trunk determines and upholds how the whole Catharsis Tree aligns to our mission and growth. The Trunk provides nourishment, support and lines of communication for the disparate Catharsis Branches (or committees). 

Volunteers, contributors and department leads exist in symbiotic relationship with The Trunk for life giving energy
like the role of xylem and phloem*.  Imagine the Trunk as the energy highway of our organism.

Read more about the Vision and Responsibilities of the Trunk.

Shanna “Banana” Fricklas

I have been a burner in the DC community for 9 years, having attended 5 tours to the desert, and more than 40 regional events. Now returning to area for a third time, I am looking to become more involved in what I feel is the most inspirational of our events as it’s placement practically on the White House lawn makes our message that much more profound. The accessibility and sharing nature of the event with passerby’s also addresses a key issue with the burn that I have noticed as well, in that we can control the narrative in growing the awareness of our deep dedication to creating, healing, interactivity and “radical inclusion.” In my career, I facilitate communication between Democrats and Republicans and would like to be part of the “trunk” in order to lend my skills in enabling good communication, collaboration and negotiation. I look forward to growing the event, as well as supporting the work of the various branches through making the overall organizing more seamless than in years past. Thank you for your consideration!


Catharsis on the Mall has always provided me powerful opportunities for personal growth over the last four years. This most recent Catharsis experience for myself was one of stepping up and following through in certain lead and many supportive roles throughout the whole happening as I was committed to being a radical participant of the Vigil and connecting with the collective experience as it blossomed into the glorious gathering it was this year.

I am deeply grateful to every soul who has ever played a part in this creation of Catharsis we have been dreaming into reality these past years and desire to make good use of my skills to help the upcoming success of the Vigil next year, and this is why I am self nominating to become a part of the trunk.

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